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Available Positions

Egg Processing Assistant (Accepting Applications)

    Farm Production Assistant (Accepting Applications)

    Farmers Market Representative (Accepting Applications)

    Interested in working with our farm? 

    If you feel you have a valuable skillset to offer our farm. We encourage you to apply regardless if we have an open position or not. We are always look for talented individuals to improve our team and take our business to new heights! Please apply here and share how you can help.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to produce wholesome, nutrient dense food with regenerative farming practices and connect 10,000 families to their farmer.

    Our Story

    Wanda Farm began in 2018 when we decided that we wanted to change the course that the farming industry was heading from quantity to quality food. Our farm is a regenerative, grass-based farm that is focused on producing a quality meats, improving our land, and helping to feed our customers a healthier meal. We currently rotate 80 head of beef, 80 hogs, 6,000 broilers chickens, and 1600 laying hens on a small 100 acres of pasture here in northern Illinois and feed 600 families.

    The Vision

    Wanda Farm’s vision and aspirations are to continue to grow the operation to where we are feeding 10,000 families by the end of 2030. We want the business to support our family and others that work here with an environment that leaves us feeling that we are making a positive impact in the agriculture industry and our customer’s lives. We also have a long-term goal for the farm to evolve into a ministry that educates and inspires new beginning farmers through our internships program.

    Our Core Values

    We have 3 core values that are important to us and feel that our customers connect to those values. First, our Faith in Jesus Christ directs us in how we farm and treat our customers. We are responsible from God’s commandments to take care of His creation (the farmland, animals, and our health) as stewards. We also are responsible for sharing His grace/love/respect in our daily life interactions with our customers and others. Second, Family cannot be neglected, we want to prioritize our family first in work/life balance and support our customer’s families health. Third, Farm, we love the lifestyle of farming. We dedicate our life to it and feel it to be a privilege to work on a farm, not a chore. Everyone that participates on Wanda Farm has a passion for farming and chooses this lifestyle, not out of necessity, but for the love to work with God’s creation and/or serve our customers with wonderful farm products that nourish their bodies.