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Local Home Delivery - $14.99 delivery fee, FREE delivery over $159, NO order minimum

UPS 1 Day Ground - $14.99 delivery fee, FREE delivery over $159, $100 order minimum

UPS 2 Day Ground - $19.99 delivery fee, FREE delivery over $159, $100 order minimum

⚈ UPS 2 Day Air - $29.99 delivery fee, FREE delivery over $299, $200 order minimum

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Home Delivery Common Questions

You will see your estimated delivery date while shopping and at checkout. We deliver once per week on Wednesdays!
Your items are carefully packaged in an insulated box with cooler packs to keep products frozen for at least the transit time (plus some extra). For "local" home delivery, we will have your product in a paper bag.
Yes, our packaging material is from recycled plastics and is curbside recyclable.
Depending on your location, either Fedex or we will deliver your package if you are local.
No worries. If no one is home, the driver will leave your package. Please unpack you box as soon as possible on the day of delivery. For local deliveries, please leave a cooler outside your door.
We try to keep meat frozen in transit. If for any reason, an item does defrost, just refreeze for later use or place in fridge.
Due to shipping a perishable product, a minimum amount of frozen product is required to ensure your order stays frozen during transit time. If your delivery says "local", there will be no order minimum.
Some of the meat cuts can vary in weight, once we pack the order and know the final weights of cuts, your card will be charged.
Each cut of meat varies in weight. This is why we charge for meat by the exact weight. We weigh your meat when packing your order. Then, we charge your card after it's packed and before it's delivered.
We are a small family farm that harvests seasonally. We do our best to manage our inventory, but some things may run out of stock from time to time. If this happens on your order, your final total will be adjusted.
We have a satisfaction guarantee. You can read more and see our returns policy here.