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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to create an account to see your pricing? 

  • We understand the inconvenience this may cause and I wish we didn't need to require it. However, since we ship our products throughout the country, the cost for delivery and availability for certain products change depending on your location. Once an account is created with your zip code, our prices and products available to your area will be reflected.
  • Unlike large corporate perishable food brands that have multiple shipping hubs throughout the united states to standardize their shipping program and pricing, we have 1 shipping location, our family farm in Harvard, IL. As you can imagine, shipping a perishable food product is a complex process with multiple carriers and shipping zones (Air vs ground shipment and amounts of ice/packaging) to get the best pricing and product to arrive safely to your home. That said, we need to require this information to best support you! Thank you for understanding.

How does your home delivery work?

How do I change my order from home delivery to farm pickup or vice versa?

  • Please watch this video HERE. This will explain how to change your delivery preference.

How much freezer space will I need?

  • We recommend 1 cubic foot of freezer space per 30 lbs of meat. Feel free to watch our video, how to choose the right freezer.

Can I change my order after I already placed the order?

  • Yes, simply just log back into your account and click on order history, then edit it from there. 

Are your meats fresh or frozen?

  • Unlike many frozen meats, that may have sat on the shelf and then frozen later as a last resort, all our meats are freshly frozen immediately at our local butcher. Learn how to properly thaw frozen meat here!

Where do I enter my gift card for my order? 

  • You can add your gift card to your account HERE

Where can I learn more about how your animals are raised?

  • You can learn more about our practices at our about us page and we highly recommend joining us on a tour to really learn about us and see the farm for yourself!

What are your farm practices protocols?

  • When viewing a product, you can easily see the protocols on the right hand side of the page. Simple click on each and we will have a definition of each protocol. Also you can view all the protocols HERE

Is your farm certified organic?

  • Short answer: No. 
  • Long answer: We believe our farm is beyond organic. The truth is that today a lot of organic has just become another sector of industrial agriculture, raising animals in conventional settings and labeling their product organic through all the loopholes. We use a lot of organic principles, however our certification is built upon a relationship built with you. This is why we seek to be completely transparent.

How can I feed my family while on a tight budget?

  • We understand family budgets and try to be as price conscious as we can. We highly recommend to plan meals and buy in bulk to capture the extra savings. Our nutrient rich meats are an INVESTMENT in your family's health and well being! Please read more about pasture raised meats nutrient content vs conventional meats here. I think you will quickly understand that we take the slow growth, maximum nutrient content, and best animal welfare approach to raising our animals. Which means that we can't compete with the big box grocery stores prices that support factory farms.

    Do you do seasonal meat harvesting?

    • Yes, We try to space out our harvest the best we can, but most of the harvesting takes place in the fall due to our Illinois winter seasons. We will fill up our freezers to have a steady supply available year round. But, we also will usually have special sales in sync with our harvest. Like our "Bulk Meat Sale Pre-order" to name just one! 
    • The best way to know about our special sales, learn more about us, and our special products is to sign up for our newsletter below!

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