Pre-order Bulk Meat Shares - 1/4, 1/2, or whole

2024 Bulk Meat Share Program

Pre-Order Your 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef or hog

✓ Food security
✓ Bulk savings up to 20% off retail prices
✓ Convenient FREE home delivery

Ordering Availability: OPEN

Harvest dates are March - July, 2024 only*

For us to secure our 2024 butchering dates, we need your pre-order to plan the year's schedule. 

*Our 2024 late summer/fall pre-ordering will begin in July.

Premium Grass-fed Beef

✓ Grass-FINISHED beef, no grains ever
✓ High Quality Black Angus/Devon Genetics
✓ Nutrient dense beef for optimal health
✓ Tender and rich flavor

Select your harvest at checkout

Approximate 2024 bulk beef ready dates available:

March 6th - Sold Out

May 1st - Sold Out

June 5th - Sold Out

July 3rd - Filling up fast!

*We will begin taking preorders on our 2024 fall harvest in July

What cuts are included in a beef share?

1/4 beef: (35-45) Ground beef 1 lb packages (85% Lean), (4-6) Chuck roasts 2.5-3.5 lb packages, (1) Brisket 3-4 lb packages, (3-4) Short ribs 1-2 lb packages, (4-6) Delomonico steaks (ribeye), (2-3) Tenderloin filets, (4-6) New York Strips, (2-3) Sirloin Steaks, (1) Flank Steak, (1) Skirt Steak, (3-4) Tenderized Round Steaks, (1) Sirloin Tip Roasts 2-3 lbs, (1) Rump Roast 2-3 lbs, (1) Round Roasts 2.5-3 lbs, (4) Stew meat 1 lb packages, (3-4) Soup bones 1-2 lb packages.

1/2 beef will be double the cuts above and include sizzler steaks. Whole beef will be 4x the cuts above and include sizzler steaks.

1/8 beef: (25-35) ground beef, (3-4) tenderized round steaks, (2) sirloin steaks, (2) t-bone steaks, (2) porterhouse steaks, (3-4) sizzler steaks, (2-3) delmonico steaks, (1) tenderloin filet, (1) rump roast, (2-3) chuck roast

Heritage Berkshire Pork

✓ NOT the other white meat, but pork as nature intended.
✓ Meat quality unlike anything in the stores.
✓ Rich flavor is sure to keep you coming back for more!

Select your harvest at checkout

Approximate bulk pork ready dates available:

May 22nd - Sold out.

June 12th - Sold out

What cuts are included in my Hog share?

Swine & Dine Option: (2) Smoked* ham roast (2.5-4 lbs roast), (4-6) Smoked* ham steaks, (10-12) Smoked* and sliced bacon, (2) Shoulder roast (3 lbs), (1) Loin Roast, (8-10) Pork chops boneless (2 per package), (1) Whole tenderloin, (1) Baby back ribs, (1) Spare Ribs, (10-15) Bulk ground breakfast sausage, (10-15) Fresh brats

Summer Cuts Option (No ham): (10-12) Smoked* and sliced bacon, (2) Shoulder roast (3 lbs), (1) Loin Roast, (8-10) Pork chops boneless (2 per package), (1) Whole tenderloin, (1) Baby back ribs, (1) Spare Ribs, (10-15) Bulk ground breakfast sausage, (10-15) Fresh brats, (10-15) Italian Sausage links

*Smoked items and sausages will be cured without nitrates/msg and sugar-free

**Whole hog will be twice as the above amount

How It Works

1 Pre-order your share

Pre-order your desired share amount. Select your harvest date at checkout. Choose pickup at the farm or home delivery.

2 Pay Deposit

Pay your deposit at checkout. Remainder is due at pickup/delivery

3 Fill Your Freezer

Once the harvest is complete, we will notify you that your bulk meat is ready and you can fill your freezer!

Benefits of Bulk Meat Shares

  1. Bulk Savings - Save up to 25% compared to our al carte items.
  2. Hedge against inflation - Prices are on the rise, beat inflation with a locked in meat price.
  3. Security - Have security knowing your freezer is stocked up on healthy nutrient dense meats!
  4. Convenience - Save time and energy instead of taking trips to the store to pickup your next meal.
  5. Support a local farmer - Help our family farm plan out our scheduled harvest dates!
  6. Free home deliver - no confusing pickup location or need to drive hours to a butcher in the middle of no where.
Ethical & Clean Standards
Ethical & Clean Standards
Ethical & Clean Standards

Wanda Family Farm's Promise

  • Truly grass-fed and finished beef (no grains or hidden supplements)
  • Always pasture raised hogs to produce the cleanest/ethically raised pork for your family
  • Locally produced by our small family farm and hand crafted by our small family butcher partner
  • Clean meats without all the pharmaceutical junk
  • Delivery to your home for free!

Don't take our word for it though!

More than 600 families entrust us each year.

The Farmer Promise

We are so confident you'll love your purchase, we promise it. If for some reason you aren't satisfied, we will make it right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, home delivery is FREE on bulk meat purchases!
Yes, please reply to the confirmation email if you want these. There is only 1 heart, 1 tongue and 1 tail on a cow. We do our best to get this to the requested customers. Many of the cuts will have the bones in them and we will include any extra bones. You may also request suet from the beef and pork fat for the hogs.
The size and grade of the animal will also vary and affect the final yield. An average 1/4 beef will be 100 lbs take home meat. This amount can be less or more depending on the size of animal.
The size and grade of the animal will vary and affect the final yield. A typically half hog will be 70 lbs of take home meat. This amount can be less or more depending on each hog.
After the butcher tells us the final packaged weight, we finalize your invoice. Unlike confusing hanging weights that charge you for the scraps that don´t make it to you, you only pay for the meat you bring home. We will then let you know the final amount due minus the deposit before pickup or delivery. You can choose to pay at pickup or we can charge your credit card on file. For home delivery, we will charge your card on file before delivery.
25-35 lbs of meat per cubic foot of freezer. So 1/4 beef figure 4 cubic feet and 1/2 pig 3 cubic feet. Read our blog "choosing your freezer" here
We recommend purchase no more than 1 year's supply. This is the recommened time that the meat will stay fresh.
It depends on your beef consumption. We like to do the math. For example: If you are a couple that eats beef 2x per week and each have a have serving size of 8oz. Math comes out to be .5lb serving x 2people x 2meals/week x 52week/year = 104lbs/year. 1/4 cow would be perfect for you then!
No worries, we are here to help with the process. If you want to purchase a small bundle to try our meats first. Check it out here.
Due to complexity, we cannot offer custom cutting for 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2 beef/hog orders. Only whole beef/hog orders are available for customizable cuts upon request. Please reply to your confirmation email that you would like to customize your cuts and we will reach out to you. Extra fees may be incured depending on your cut requests. We highly recommend our standard cuts as it makes our job and our butchers job easier.
We have been raising grass-fed beef for almost a decade now. After many years of trail and error, we have found the best breeds, feed, and management to produce high quality tasting grass-fed beef. While our beef is different than your conventional grain fed beef, our customers rave about the quality and taste. I don't think you'll be disappointed. If you ever don't like it. We have a money back guarentee.

Watch exactly how we raise your Beef & Pork!

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