Pre-order Bulk Meat Shares - 1/4, 1/2, or whole

Aged 12-14 Days

Most commercial processors age their beef for maybe a few days before cutting the carcass for efficiency. One great benefit about our beef is we age it for 12-14 days. The extra time helps to tenderize the beef and make it better tasting!

5 - 5 lb Bulk Pkgs Ground Beef

Ideal for Restaurants

Beef Griller Bundle (Limited Time Offer)

Steaks, burgers, Chicken, & Chicken Brats!

Beef Tomahawk Steak

~ 2.2 lbs. avg.

Beef Wieners

4 - 5 links/pkg 8 - 10 oz

Beef Cheek

1 lb avg

Beef Oxtail

2 lbs avg.

Ground Beef Patties (1/3 lb)

3 Patties/pkg (1lb)